About the program


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” — Viktor E. Frankl, a neurologist, psychologist and Holocaust survivor. 

During these COVID-19 moments, a microscopic stimulus suddenly changed our universe. It is like a global time-out. But we have the power to choose and respond accordingly. So we choose to keep our spirits up.

This year, NABC 2021 will be an exceptional global event for global Bengalis. People can get to know and enjoy NABC from distant corners of the globe. 

The Literary seminar of NABC 2021 is scheduled to take place. One of the attractions of the “Literary Seminar ” this year is the thoughtful discussions on various issues at the Bangla Sahitya Sabha; 

Those who are participating will make this event thoughtful and engaging. 

And they are well-known and distinguished poets and prose writers of Bengal and overseas.

This program is being conducted with the objective of making the lovers of Bengali literature familiar with cultural texts beyond the boundaries of geography.

The audience would enjoy and be able to identify, analyse, and interpret the critical ideas, values, and themes that appear in literary and cultural texts. This analytical session would also depict how the culture and society are being impacted by literature and vice-versa.


Abhijnan Roychowdhury

Technocrat by profession .Today he is one of the most acclaimed Bengali Writers. Though most of his initial works were in the area of Science fiction, he subsequently wrote stories of all different genres.

Bidhan Datta

Dr. Bidhan Dutt is one of the brightest stars of Bengali literature.  His books have been used as a topic of discussion in M, A classes at several universities.  He is well known as a Vedic expert.  He is the head of Michael Madhusudan Sahitya Akademi

Biswadip Chakraborty

Engineer by profession, Creative Writer and Storyteller.

Dilip Chakrabarti

Community Worker and Author

Dipen Bhattacharya

Dipen Bhattacharya, an astrophysicist by training, an associate professor of physics and astronomy at Moreno Valley College and a research physicist at UC Riverside.

He is known as a best-selling science fiction author in his native Bangladesh.

Himadri Kishore Dasgupta

Professional Writer,novelist ,mystery storyteller and script writer. Received various awards including Friends of Rotary, Shailjananda Award from the Government of West Bengal Children’s Academy.

Nandana Dev Sen

A writer, actor, and child-rights activist, Nandana Dev Sen is the author of six children’s books, ranslated into 15 languages globally Nandana‘s first book “Kangaroo Kisses” was selected by 320 UK nurseries as a “Book of Excellence .She has starred in 20 feature films from four continents in multiple languages. Nandana is Child Protection Ambassador for Save the Children India.

Partha sarathi Sengupta

Market Researcher and Poet of Post Modern era

Professor Pabitra Sarkar

Former Vice Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University

Former Vice Chairman, West Bengal State Council of HigherEducation 

Well known academician, Writer and a person with various interests and identities: 

Purabi Basu

Purabi Basu,Scientist,pharmacologist and activist.

Bangla Academy Award winning storyteller, and essayist.  Born in Bikrampur, Purabi Basu’s works are rich in feminism and communal harmony.

Rudra Sankar

A contemporary bengali poet.

Rupa Majumdar

An Entrepreneur and social activist.

Shamita Das Dasgupta

Shamita Das Dasgupta is an Asian Indian scholar, researcher ,writer and Activist.She is the co founder of Manavi It is the first organization of its kind that focuses on violence against South Asian women in the United States.

Sudipta Chattopadhyay

Teacher and Creative Writer.


1. In remembrance of Shankho Ghosh & Nabanita Deb Sen

NABC will pay tribute to two stalwarts of Bengali literature whom we have lost recently

Panelists: Dr. Pabitra Sarkar, Nandana Dev Sen

Recitation : Partha Sarathi Sengupta
Moderation: Sudipta Chattopadhay

2. Present and Future trend of Science Fiction and Detective Fiction in Bengali Literature
  1. The discussion will be on the challenges and opportunities of writing Fiction

    Panelists: Himadri Dasgupta, Dipen Bhattacharya, Abhijnan Roychowdhury

    Moderation: Rupa Majumdar

3. Where do Women stand in Bengali Literature and Society

The discussion will be on the evolution of the role of women in society as reflected in Bengali literature

Panelists: Shamita Das Dasgupta, Purabi Basu, Rupa Majumdar

Moderation: Partha Sarathi Sengupta

4. Glorious presence of “Mangal Kabya” and “Ved” in in Bengali Literature
  1. The discussion will throw light on various facets of Mangal Kabya and Ved

    Panelists: Dr. Bidhan Datta, Partha Sarathi Sengupta

    Moderation: Rupa Majumdar

5. Transition of Bengali literature with the active participation of NRIs and blessings of internet

Analytical discussion on how NRIs and Social media are giving a new shape to Bengali literature

Panelists: Rudra Sankar, Dilip Chakrabarti, Biswadip Chakraborty

Moderation: Sudipta Chattopadhyay

6. Reading out of Bengali stories and poems (self creation) by upcoming poets and writers in U.S
  2. Moderation: Sudipta Chattopadhyay