I invite you to join us in this NABC Global Conference held virtually during a very critical time. The deadly second wave of COVID-19 in Bengal caused an unprecedented crisis in Bengal and India. Many of us lost loved ones; some of us could not even visit our families. We all suffered. NABC and CAB – USA together with its patrons and partners around the world have dedicated the global digital conference to heal and support our brothers and sisters in Bengal and India during the crisis. This is our humble way to touch their lives with music and culture, while raising funds for the disaster.


The vision of our founders was to build the podium where we host an annual convention of fellow Bengalis living in diverse cities across North Americas to showcase the rich heritage of Bengali culture and life from times past and the very best of Bengali life of our time in the realm of music, arts, literature, science, technology, business, and more. And what a vision indeed! The seed that they planted 40 years ago has turned this to a peepal tree under which we all meet with our heads high and celebrate the very best of Bengali life as we know of.


It gives me great pride in announcing that we are the only ethnic organization in North America able to host this mammoth convention uninterrupted for 40 years and garner eight to ten thousand attendees. This convention is for you and about you. In 2020 even though we went virtual you helped us organize HOPE 2020 – a philanthropic initiative for CVID and AMPHAN victims in India.

Our mission is not complete without your participation and support. Let us spread the good vibes among all your friends and families and share the joy together. I heartily welcome you to attend the global version of NABC this year and help families back home during this unprecedented crisis.

All my best,
Milan K Awon